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Getting Your House in Order

A five-week culturally-specific financial education course that creates a safe place for BLACK Americans TO talk OPENLY AND HONESTLY ABOUT THEIR FINANCIAL GOALS AND CHALLENGES WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.

Your clients will welcome this course as a time to learn with those who share similar challenges and discuss the ways they can change their financial behaviors. They will be guided to understand all the factors that affect their money management, from institutional racism to money decisions they make in their daily lives.


Getting Your House in Order

5 week culturally specific financial education course that takes into consideration African Americans’ shared history, culture, beliefs and behaviors around money management to inform the way we have managed our finances in the past and how we will manage it going forward.


Real Talk-Money


Money Management


Saving and Investing


Understanding and using credit


Protecting Yourself and Your Assets

Sum Clarity Courses

Explore the two ways you can bring the Getting Your House in Order course to your organization and community.

Train The Trainer

We will train and certify your staff members to facilitate our culturally specific financial education course through a 3-day program. Throughout the training, they will review fundamental teaching principles, become familiar with the GYHIO curriculum, and develop their own teaching style and connection to the material. The practical and interactive style of our training will provide the confidence and knowledge needed to effectively deliver the course and help your clients start changing the way they approach their finances.

Instruction services

would you like to offer the course to your clients and community, but your organization doesn't currently have the capacity to do so? Sum Clarity can provide certified instructors to work with you.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services empower individuals and organizations to deliver financial education programs with a significant impact. We offer training, resources, continuous support, and evaluation tools to ensure the effectiveness of these programs. With our guidance, clients can effectively educate adults in financial matters and play a crucial role in promoting financial literacy.